Alfred Ricci
First Responder PTSD
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Speaking Topics

1. Combating PTSD

For First Responders: This is a hands-on, audience participation workshop to learn and practice methods to combat PTSD.
 To perform their best, first responders will benefit from:
● Mindfulness to keep composure and clarity regardless of what is happening; 

● Resilience to let go of what has occurred to be fully prepared for the next event.

2. The ROI from Addressing PTSD

For First Responder directors, managers, leaders, or executives: 

● PTSD can cause a first responder to misinterpret, misdiagnose, and misunderstand leading to mistakes. 

● “Addressing this issue is not only the organization’s ethical responsibility, it is also the fiscally responsible one.” 

Short Bio

Harnessing the power of his early years - living in group and foster homes while attending six high schools in four years - Alfred Ricci knows how even the most daunting obstacles can be overcome. After a double major in ecominics and business in college and an MBA from the University of California, Irvine, the massive stress of corporate work in over 20 countries caused him to have suicidal thoughts which led to drug addiction and alcoholism. To conquer depression and addiction, Alfred used mindfulness and resilience practices. His mission is to share these necessary skills to help others thrive in traumatic work environments.

Offerings and Rates

Why addressing PTSD is Addressing Burnout is not just Mindfulness and Resilience are First Responders learn and practice
CRITICAL for First Responders a moral responsibility. There is tools to create better outcomes the necessary tools to combat
and their organizations. a clear ROI from addressing PTSD for clients and patients. to combat PTSD and burnout.

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